Unionized Workers

Unionized Workers and Critical Illness Coverage

General working conditions
In general, unionized workers enjoy a higher level of respect for their rights, greater job security, and higher wages and benefits than non-unionized staff.

However, even for unionized staff, the quality of working conditions can vary widely. Unionized workers may still find themselves in relatively precarious situations with minimal benefits. And some very small unionized workplaces may not offer group insurance. If this sounds like your case, you may want to read the sections on non-union workers.

Income replacement and group insurance

Group insurance is often one of the first benefits unionized workers negotiate. You will want to have a copy of your insurance policy and understand what it covers.

Sick Leave and Collective Agreements

For all unionized workers, the collective agreement outlines the terms and conditions of work. This includes all leave benefits. Read your collective agreement carefully on these issues to understand your rights and obligations.

Unions are required by law to defend their members if the terms of the collective agreement or any other rights are not respected by their employer.

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