Non-Unionized Workers

Non-Unionized workers with some job security and protections in case of a serious illness

Characteristics of non-unionized workplaces with some job security

Non-unionized jobs offering some security include workplaces where human resource management is formalized through fair and transparent procedures. There may be a policy on working conditions. Contracts and job descriptions are written.

There will usually be mediation procedures in place if a worker feels that an unfair decision has been made. In addition, labour and employment laws are understood and respected.

Income replacement and group insurance in non-union workplaces

With respect to protection in case of a serious illness, one of the key questions will be whether your employer offers group long-term disability coverage. If so, you should have basic coverage. However, you should read your policy carefully to understand what it covers and what conditions may apply. Some group disability policies only apply once the worker has exhausted their EI sickness benefits.

Non-Unionized Workers Without Group Insurance

If your employer does not offer group insurance, you may be wondering if you can raise this issue with your employer. In a non-unionized workplace, negotiation of wages, raises and benefits is usually done on an individual basis, but you may be able to raise this issue with the employer.

Some insurance companies offer policies specifically designed for small businesses at a reasonable cost and the security they provide to employees is considerable.

Group insurance has significant benefits for the employee, but it also has significant benefits for the employer.

For employees, the benefits include a basic range of coverage for all, lower costs than an individual policy, cost sharing with the employer and, in Quebec, more generous prescription drug coverage than RAMQ.

For the employer, the benefits include greater support for workers facing illness by reducing their concerns about loss of income. In addition to providing optimal conditions for the best possible recovery, the employer benefits from greater employee retention and commitment.

If you do not have group insurance, it is suggested that you check your eligibility for sickness benefits under Employment Insurance. See the section for more information.

You may also want to consider purchasing your own long-term disability insurance. See section for more information.

Sick Leave Policy

Non-unionized workplaces that have policies on working conditions should have relatively clear procedures regarding sick leave. The policy should indicate who to contact and under what circumstances to provide a paper from your doctor and answer other questions.

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